Core Values

Pioneer Missions Global will firmly stand on the foundation of the following principles and core values that will be incorporated in all the ministry efforts provided.

Bible Based

Pioneer Missions Global is based on the principle that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and inspired by God.  The Bible provides us with absolute truth and is man’s authority of how we should live in relationship with others and God.  Pioneer Missions will entrust and empower all volunteers, churches, and organizations who participate to devote themselves to the authority of God’s Word.

Christ Centered

Pioneer Missions Global is centered on the principle that all people need the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the only way a person can enter into Heaven and there is no other option.  Volunteers should be prepared to have a relationship with God and share their faith and their story of how Christ has changed their life.  Pioneer Missions Global will be totally centered on the principles, truths, and teachings of Christ that are provided to us in the Bible.  All medical, social, community, and construction projects will be used as a platform for us to share the Gospel of Christ.  The major focus of Pioneer Missions Global is to honor and glorify Jesus Christ in every aspect of our ministry.

Discipleship Driven

Pioneer Missions Global is driven to go make disciples and start new churches around the world.  This will be accomplished by teaching and training Believers to follow the principles of the Great Commission.  Pioneer Missions Global supports the principle of multiplication – people investing their life in the life of someone else.  The fruit of our work will eventually grow on the trees of other people.

Church Focused

Pioneer Missions Global is focused on the principle that the local church is the hope for the world.  It also is the direct connection for all ministry work to be performed with a community.  Pioneer Missions Global will help train national local churches, so they can provide the infrastructure to support the development of all volunteer ministry efforts.  The national local church will partner with U.S. churches and volunteer teams to teach their leaders\ how to train new converts in discipleship training prior to the volunteer Impact Team arriving in a community.  Every project Pioneer Missions Global is involved with will be at the request of the national local church.  The main objective is to make disciples and grow the Believers while growing the church.

Servant Leadership and Partnership Focused

We will seek God's guidance to partner with individuals and churches for prayer and financial support to recruit, train, equip and mobilize volunteers, missionaries, indigenous lay people, and pastors.  

Through servant leadership, Pioneer Missions Global will also partner with national local churches to meet human, community, and construction needs for the purpose of evangelism.

“I did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give my life as a ransom for many.” — John 15.5