The Chapel Project

One of the ministries that missionaries in Brazil are involved in are chapel building projects.  These projects have been taking place for over 20 years and have proven over and over again their important role in helping the development of existing churches/missions and the establishment of new church starts. 

Also, these chapel building projects have the potential of bringing incredible results through the evangelistic impact carried out in the community.  In addition, these projects help in bring rapid advancement in the development of the local church.

Though the needs and requests from our national partners for chapels are numerous, there is a variety of prerequisites in order for a field request to have approval and become a part of the priority list. 

Each mission location receiving a chapel must be implementing a church planting strategy called Pioneer Evangelism developed by Pioneer Missions missionary Wade Akins.  Wade and Barbara teach this church planting strategy all over the world.

In addition, each location must have the financial resources for purchasing well-located property, construction of the bathrooms, storage rooms and the chapel foundation, installation of water, lights, and other services.  Also, they must have a strong nucleus of adult members that can support and advance the work of the local church.

Our chapel building projects are partnerships that are non-dependent, non-restrictive, and offer tremendous opportunity for growth and impact in the each community. 

The American teams that give the funds for building the chapel, come to work alongside Brazilians in the complete construction of the chapel, which is done in 5 days, and share the Gospel with the community are not only a blessing to all but receive many as well.