Open Air Living Water Crusades

Where we drill a well in Kenya, Uganda, and Mozambique we follow up with an Open Air Living Water Crusades. They show the Jesus film and toward the end of the film they Skype Wade live on the screen preaching a gospel message.

At the end when the invitation is given to make Jesus Lord, the local leaders ask all those interested if they would like to have a Good News Bible Study in their home.

Our leaders train a team of local believers who will follow up in the homes and teach the life of Jesus and how to be saved. The Good News studies are 7 lessons from the book of Matthew that week by week teach the life of Jesus and the gospel. This gives the Holy Spirit time to reveal truth to those seeking Jesus so they can have a clearer understanding of the decision Jesus is asking them to make.

Those who make a decision to make Jesus Lord are baptized, discipled, and integrated into the local church.


December 2019 Update