Marcos & Jucileide Ferreira

Marcos-Jucileide-Elisa FerreiraMarcos and Jucileide were married on November 3, 2001. He graduated from the State Baptist Seminary in Espirito Santo and she graduated from Bible Institute of Religious Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Marcos received a Bachelor's degree in Theology.

Jucileide received a Bachelor's degree in Christian Education.

Marcos was  a missionary pastor at the First Baptist Church of Campo Grande, Cariacica in Espirito Santo from 1997 to 2001.  In 1998 his church received two chapels through the ministry of missionary Tony Gray.   Marcos helped Tony and other Americans missionaries build chapels for many years until he joined Pioneer Missions.

Jucileide was a Missionary for Junta de Missões Nacionais (Bazilian Mission Board) from 1991 to 97.   She worked as a missionary in FBC of Jacaraípe in the state of Espirito Santo from 1998 to 2001 when she meet Marcos and they got married.  They have a cute little girl named Elisa.

From 2001 to 2005 they served as missionaries in Brasil for Wheaton Baptist Church in Maryland. They joined Pioneer Missions in January of 2006

Marcos and Jucileide are glad to be serving our Lord in Brazil as missionaries with Pioneer Missions.

Marcos, Jucileide and Elisa Ferreira.
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